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PEPPERELL — After two years of indecision, Louise Taylor finally had her South Road house moved 200 feet over the course of two days.

During the house’s slow trot to a vacant area farther from her business, the Nashoba Valley Garden Center, she described the venture as nerve-racking.

“I have a personal attachment to many things in there,” Taylor said. “It is the house I grew up in and where I’ve spent a lot of time living.”

The purpose of the move was to open up the front of her property for the business and have a little more private life, Taylor said. Just outside her kitchen window stood the garden center’s greenhouse and all too often, she said, the line between business and relaxing was blurred.

“People would come knocking on the back door around 8 o’clock at night sometimes,” she said. “Many times it was people just passing through, locals know, but we live on a main road.”

Usually Taylor would go out and help people with flowers and plants, but she called this year “tougher than all the others.” The move had to be made.

The house was rebuilt sometime around midcentury, Taylor says, after the original structure burned down. Around that time her parents bought the house. It’s foundation was the original; Taylor said it may be the third oldest foundation in Pepperell.

“When I got older I left, and eventually returned to live with my parents 12 or 13 years ago,” Taylor said. “My mother called it the house with the expandable wall, since her family was moving in and out.”

The walls’ journey last week was short, but, for Taylor, the house’s trip represented a large chunk of her own history coasting across her property. She said Cape Cod-based Sylvester Building Movers told her it was rare to have a client who cared this much about their building.

“They did a great job, it was pretty incredible to watch,” she said. “I had several crystal goblets on the fireplace mantel and when I looked inside, they hadn’t moved at all.”

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