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TOWNSEND — Townsend’s 275th anniversary party is long over. The celebrations and fireworks have become a fond memory for everyone who was there in 2007.

The fete was a lot of work. Thirty or so people took responsibility for fundraising, planning and executing the events.

Now, the remaining members of the group are trying to figure out what comes next.

Fireworks and a First Night celebration in Townsend are two things under consideration founding member of the Activity Committee Tubby Boucher said.

Thanks to a donation from the Atwood Cuties, the committee still has some funding.

The Cuties, a group of senior women from Atwood Acres, produced and starred in a pin-up calendar to raise money for the original celebration.

Now it is time for new plans and new energy to bring activities to the town. Boucher said.

“We’re scrounging around for members,” he said.

Six people attended a meeting on October 17. Three were guests, two were officers of the group, and Boucher a member of the board.

Neil Colicchio, a lawyer interested in being part of the committee, reviewed the bylaws at the meeting.

The group is stymied in going forward because of inconsistencies in the bylaws, failure to hold yearly elections for the officers and the need to identify the members.

It was not immediately clear how many people were supposed to be on the board of directors. “When you leave things to the average person, this is what happens. You say one thing one place, another in another place,” he said.

The bylaws were not reviewed by town counsel because the committee was private, not a town entity, Boucher said.

A quorum of the members, defined as ten people, needs to meet to make changes Colicchio said.

“The bylaws may be amended or repealed by a majority of the board of directors or the membership, except with respect to the removal of the board of directors,” he said.

The current chairman, David Lamoureax is no longer active on the committee.

“You’ve got yourself a hornet’s nest unless he voluntarily agrees to step down,” Colicchio said.

The failure to hold elections could make a difference in how to proceed. All of the officers’ terms have expired so the group needs to hold a members meeting and elect officers.

He suggested changing the number of officers to five, electing some for two years and the others for one year.

When the one-year terms have expired, those positions should then be filled for two years so the board is never overwhelmed with new faces Colicchio said.

“You always want to have some continuity,” he said.

“I’d contact people who have been involved as members. You’ve got to have new blood, but first you have to have your board of directors. Without a board of directors you don’t have a corporation,” he said.

Once a board of directors is in place, a membership drive could be the next step.

Colicchio suggested showing a movie on the common with popcorn to raise interest for younger people to serve on the activity committee. “It doesn’t have to be gigantic things,” he said.

Avis Roy, the secretary pro tem, suggested she, Boucher and Shirley Kao, another board member, jot down lists of all the people who were on the committee a few years ago.

Roy could then call a members meeting to elect a new slate for the board of directors, the first step in making the committee active once again.

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