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PEPPERELL — Two special Town Meeting articles regarding the purchase of a new ambulance were approved by selectmen Monday night.

Articles 11 and 12 will provide what the board is calling a ‘bridge’ to ensure funding for a new ambulance. The new vehicle will replace a 10-year-old ambulance currently being used.

Article 11 provides authority to borrow with intent for going for a debt exclusion, if passed, the money will have to be appropriated by ballot at a future meeting. If the debt exclusion fails, Article 12 provides for continued paying for a new ambulance out of stabilization funds.

Selectmen Chairman Michael Green said he didn’t want to cut corners on something of concern to public safety.

In a letter from the North Middlesex Regional School District Committee, it was requested that a local appropriating authority approve an amendment to the budget to appropriate $495,750 from excess and deficiency funds. Those funds, Selectman Joseph Sergi said, are akin to stabilization funding but do come from towns and should be put to a Town Meeting vote. Selectmen approved the creation of an article for the STM vote.

According to Town Administrator John Moak, free cash is still awaiting certification. Three articles are affected by free cash the most signifigant of which is appropriation of veteran’s benefits money. Articles providing funds for upgrading Town Hall information systems and to purchase new fire engineer equipment also rely on free cash certification.

Moak said that it should be certified without major changes by Oct. 31. The warrant will be finalized and published on Friday and the Town Meeting is scheduled for Nov. 7.

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