AYER — Used to be you had to be a subscriber to Ayer cable television in order to see the Ayer Board of Selectmen’s meetings in your home.

That is no longer the case.

Starting last month, the public has been able to view selectmen’s meetings on the town’s website at and by then clicking on the Board of Selectmen page to find the links to watch the meetings. Instead of waiting to see the cablecast selectmen’s meetings, the goal is to make the selectmen’s meetings available as soon as possible and with control over the stop and start time with the click of the mouse.

Current offerings on the towns’ website include last Tuesday’s back-to-back public hearings for the removal of shade trees on Groton Harvard Road and the proposed sex offender residency bylaw. The hearings were held on Sept. 27 at Great Hall in Town Hall.

Also available for viewing are selectmen’s meetings from August 16, September 6 and September 20. At least at this point in time, selectmen’s meetings are not streaming in live time from Town Hall.

Below the video viewing screen on line is a box permitting visitors to post comments in a string attached to the video, with an addition option of sending the comments to one’s Facebook account for a communal viewing experience.

“I really don’t see a downside at all to showing any meetings online that are either taped or streamed,” said Ayer selectman Chairman Gary Luca. “It’s important that the town keeps up with any technological upgrades that are available and helpful to its citizens.”

“It gives those who want to be involved the ability to view a meeting later if they have a conflict and can’t attend or if they may want to revue an issue this will make that possible,” said Luca.