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Police are investigating a suspected case of vandalism on Parker Road, where the vinyl liner of a resident’s swimming pool was slashed in several places by a sharp object, possibly a knife. The water had drained out of the pool, apparently due to the cuts, Chief J. Gregory Massak said. The damage was reported July 25.

A broken window in a mobile home at the Briarwood Trailer Park on Front Street was listed as a burglary in police log entries for Tuesday, July 26, but that incident could also be a case of vandalism. Chief Massak there was no sign of forced entry and nothing was reported missing.

A case of vandalism occurred Friday, July 29, on Clark Road where a residence and a vehicle were pelted with eggs. The incident is under investigation.

Motor Vehicle


A 46-year old Shirley man was arrested at the scene of a single car crash on Harvard Road on Monday, July 25. The driver, Samuel Holmes of Benjamin Road, hit a parked car, causing extensive damage to the front end of the vehicle he was driving and substantial damage to the rear bumper of the other vehicle, a gray Saturn parked facing west. Holmes was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, second offense and operating to endanger. A breathalyzer test showed a blood-alcohol level of .08 percent, according to the crash report. Nobody was in the other car and there were no injuries.

On Thursday, July 28, a minor two-car collision occurred on Front Street at the Harvard town line. The two vehicles involved, driven by residents of Shirley and Ayer, respectively, had both been stopped in traffic, one behind the other. When they started moving again, the vehicle traveling behind struck the one in front in the rear bumper, causing minor damage. There were no injuries and no citations were issued.

Domestic Disturbance

Police responded to an Andrea Terrace residence Thursday night after a member of the family called to report an argument between a husband and wife. The man had left before police arrived. The woman and others at the residence were advised of their rights related to filing a restraining order but nobody chose to do so.

Animal Complaint Led to Arrest

The owner of two animals, a dog and a cat, left unattended at an Applerock Way residence a couple of weeks ago, was arrested there on a traffic warrant Friday, July 29. She may be charged with animal cruelty, Massak said.

In the earlier incident, neighbors called about a barking dog. When Sgt. Alfreda Cromwell investigated, she found a pit bull caged in the house, which was empty, disordered and dirty and littered with animal feces, Massak said.

The dog and a cat were removed and a message was left for the owner. She didn’t call, but police received a call Thursday night, reporting that the person they were looking for was at the house. The woman, 34-year old Nikkia Blake, 34, whose address was listed as 9 Applerock Way, apparently rented the house but hadn’t lived there lately.

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