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By Hiroko Sato


GROTON — Drivers could soon start getting in and out of Route 40 at the town center more easily as the busy intersection is expected to undergo a revamp.

The town will begin the reconstruction of the intersection of Routes 40 and 119 downtown at the end of the month.

Located in front of the entrance to Broadmeadow Road, the junction often requires drivers to negotiate traffic headed in multiple directions, causing cars to back up northbound and southbound on Route 119. The steep hill on the Route 40 exit, which is sharply veered north, has added to difficulties in turning onto the road, said Department of Public Works Director Tom Delaney.

The reconstruction project will add a turning lane between northbound Route 119 and eastbound Route 40 eastbound while permanently closing the driveway in front of the First Parish Unitarian Church, which many drivers have used as a short cut between routes 119 and 40, for through traffic.

The Route 40 exit will be degraded to make the slope that goes down toward Route 119 more gradual, Delaney said. The exit will be widened to make it easier for drivers. Improving safety is the main goal of the project, Delaney said.

The project is expected to cost between $25,000 and $30,000, and will take two to three weeks for completion.

The intersection will remain open for traffic during the construction.

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