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PEPPERELL — The Planning Board heard just their fourth and fifth special-permit applications of the year Monday night during two public hearings.

In the first public hearing, Mary and Richard Rousch were present to address their special-permit application for a multifamily dwelling in an urban residential district at 7 Tarbell St.

The couple had recently received a variance from the Board of Appeals to remedy the 10,000 square foot of land per unit requirement. That variance enabled them to move forward with their application to increase the number of units in the building from two to three.

According to Engineer Jack Visniewski, the amount of land is just over 29,000 square feet. As no exterior construction is planned, only a minor site plan review is required.

“There’s no building changes, no site changes,” said Visniewski.

Five waivers were requested, including social, economic, or community needs, traffic flow and safety in parking and loading, neighborhood character and social structures, impacts on the natural environment, and potential fiscal impact, including impacts on town services, tax base, employment, and property values.

“All those things are a no-brainer for me,” said Chairman Richard McHugh, who noted the improvements to the property that the owners have made over the past several years.

The hearing closed at the request of the applicants with a decision expected at the next meeting.

A special-permit application for a two-family residence at 13 Prospect St. was submitted to correct a problem with the accessing department records, which currently show it as a single-family home.

“You need a special permit to have a two-family dwelling in a suburban residential zone,” said Visniewski, who represented the applicant.

“It has existed for a long, long, long time, as all of the houses in this neighborhood appear to be two families in this zone,” he said. “They’re just trying to make this legal.”

Finding no issues with the application and no comments from town departments, the board moved quickly and closed the hearing. A decision is expected at the next meeting.

The board also re-endorsed an ANR plan for 61/61A East St.

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