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Surprise! I withdrew my application for the forced open position on the Ayer Conservation Commission at last week’s ConsCom meeting.

Mr. Fay’s letter in this paper on Aug. 12, confirmed it was the right thing for me to do.

Mr. Fay’s statements “beyond the scope of his authority” and “the complaint was a matter for the zoning enforcement agent,” were just flat out misleading the public, again.

The truth is, as a commissioner, I issued an Enforcement Order against the home owner for violations of the Wetlands Protection Act. It is exactly the authority that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection gives, and expects to be used by all commissioners in response to a situation that endangers any wetland in the State of Massachusetts.

There was no zoning issue. This was a clear endangerment to Flanagan’s Pond. Referred to as a wetlands filling in the WPA regulations, it is one of the more grievous violations. Unlike Mr. Luca’s unnamed, undocumented allegations, the Enforcement Order is a public record dually ratified by the full commission.

I did indeed have a conversation with Mr. Fay in the town administrator’s office. I no longer trust having a conversation without a third party present. I can summarize his comments; he will never support someone that has made a resident cry. When I tried to explain that it was more because she got caught in a lie, he raised his hand and said he didn’t want to hear it, you made a resident cry!

I guess I should have cried at my reappointment hearing forcing Mr. Fay to quit the BOS! I am not fearful of our elected officials, but I am definitely not trusting, and I would suggest you should not be either. On the subject of reprisals, I learned firsthand the answer to that question when it came to Chairman Luca’s board and its actions.

Oh, what was Mr. Fay maybe referring to when mixing up the facts — deliberately or not — only you can decide? Two years ago the Conservation Commission asked for assistance from the BOS in regards to this same resident (prior to the complaint against me) using town buildings on conservation property. Recently, chairman Luca was embarrassed at a ConsCom meeting when questioned about this. He suggested it be referred to (Gabe) the zoning enforcement officer.

Gabe’s determination again was no zoning issue; he referred it to the police chief as trespassing. After two years there may be a resolution. I hope so because this resident has now set up a wood splitting area on YOUR land.

Mr. Fay wants to make sure I learned a lesson. I did!

The lesson I learned is that a body of town government that has no interest in supporting their commissions and boards should be held responsible by those people that elected them. Why is the BOS confused on the lack of volunteerism? In the words my wife used recently to a selectman, it might result in a public flogging.



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