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DEVENS — The Devens Enterprise Commission failed to draw a quorum of its membership and so did not conduct any business at its July 26 meeting. Scheduled for that evening was the thrice-continued public hearing for the Devens Net Zero LLC multifamily rental housing project proposed for the corner of Bates Street and the now-discontinued Cavite Street.

DEC Administrator Peter Lowitt said that before the meeting was to start, the Boston-based company sought another continuation until Aug. 30. “The staff will recommend no further continuances,” said Lowitt. “They put-up or withdraw for the Aug. 30 meeting.”

The commission’s next meeting will be on Aug. 30 at 6:45 p.m. at 33 Andrews Parkway on Devens in conference room 1. The commission routinely holds its public hearings on the last Tuesday of each month.

The Aug. 4 DEC meeting was scrubbed due to a lack of business at hand. The DEC ordinarily meets to conduct its regular business at 7:30 a.m. on the first Thursday following the first Tuesday of the month.

In other DEC business, one Devens sound situation has been silenced while another continues on with per diem fines racking up.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb on Jackson Road was cited on May 6 for sound levels exceeding 64 decibels from vents atop its utility building backing up to the Queenstown Road lot line. The maximum noise level permitted at commercial lot lines in the Devens Regional Enterprise Zone is 60 dbA.

“BMS is fully in compliance with the DEC’s Industrial Performance Standards,” said Lowitt.

Meanwhile, “Rock Tenn continues to pay fines for their non-compliance with our Industrial Performance Standards for noise while they work to bring their plant into compliance,” said Lowitt. That Independence Drive business and maker of paperboard was originally cited on April 6.

“They have told DEP and the DEC that they anticipate bringing their facility into compliance this fall,” said Lowitt. “The DEC continues to fine them.” RockTenn’s fines have accrued since June 16 at the rate of $300 per day, with each day considered a separate violation of the Industrial Performance Standards.

MassDEP separately issued a violation notice to the company on air quality concerns.

— Mary E. Arata

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