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Though the Red Sox have been continuing their most recent winning streak, everything was not rosy this week. Our 401ks took another hit and the unconstructive political rhetoric of blame continues to shriek its mindless rant.

It’s hard sometimes to look upon the world with optimism. There’s so much bleakness and despair.

But for people who insist on seeing the glass as half-full, this past week gave a mighty boost when Nate Berkus came to town.

There are likely few of you who haven’t heard the story of Monica Jorge of Ayer. Monica was stricken with a rare flesh-eating bacteria while hospitalized, which nearly cost her life. It did force removal of both her arms and legs to stop the spread. Invited to visit the Oprah show, she was dubbed the “Warrior Mom” and promised a new home.

Oprah made good on her promise and bought the house. Last Friday, the Nate Berkus Show came to Ayer to unveil the new home. A large throng of well-wishers gathered to cheer and clap and share in the joy of the gift. (See the story on page 1.)

It is their joy in the good fortune of another that is the stuff hope is made of. Despite the troubles of this world, Americans like these come together to help, to heal and to celebrate.

The arrival of the Nate Berkus Show brought out our charity. And it highlighted the great character and courage of a woman who refused to give in to the nasty cards fate dealt her.

Oh, my friend, it’s not what they take away from you that counts. It’s what you do with what you have left. ~Hubert Humphrey

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