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Highway Dept. says paving projects set for early next week


PEPPERELL — Highway Department workers and P.J. Keating Paving Company plan to begin paving projects on Main Street and surrounding roads early next week.

Highway Superintendent Peter Shattuck said prep work will take place overnight and could go onto a second night at most.

“We want to make sure and warn people that there will be some loud equipment and trucks on the road overnight, but we expect to complete it within the reasonable time frame,” Shattuck said.

The prep work will include resetting curbing and milling one inch of Main Street pavement from Town Hall up to and including the rotary circle, leaving behind the grooved road base.

Milling removes deteriorated pavement, levels the road surface and reveals more curb, leaving finished road that is more uniform and smooth and improves its drainage.

Shattuck said pavement will not be ground up for too long, although paving may not begin immediately because of weather and Keating’s schedule.

Other paving projects will be done on Independence Road, Cross Street, Tucker Street, Cranberry Street, Sartelle Street and a section of Hollis Street from Dr. Davis’ Ice Cream Stand north to the New Hampshire border. Although some streets will require milling, other will just get overlay paving.

The Highway Department expects the Main Street project to be the most intrusive and plans to limit detours, although some may be necessary.

The total project cost is $543,810, all from Chapter 90 funding.

Shattuck says Keating has scheduled the paving for the last three weeks in August to have the roads ready for the opening of school.

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