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For the record I need to respond to, “Why is it hard to get volunteers” in the Aug. 5 edition of The Public Spirit by David Bodurtha.

Mr. Bodurtha wrote that my inquiry on a complaint brought forth against him and categorized as inappropriate action on his part is misleading to those unaware of the facts.

The reason I will not vote for his appointment to the Conservation Commission is that when the complaint he references was brought forward, the complainant was in tears at the table before the Board of Selectmen.

The result of Mr. Bodurtha’s actions in this matter resulted in a citizen of Ayer being fearful of the town of Ayer by the actions of one of its appointed officials.

Mr. Bodurtha is correct when he states the complaint was withdrawn. But I submit to the public for consideration the reason for withdrawal was fear of reprisal from a town of Ayer official.

The underlying reason and, more important to me, was the fact that Mr. Bodurtha does not see the negative result of his action in this matter and further sees himself as blameless. The manner in which he attempted to handle the issue was heavy handed at best and beyond the scope of his authority as a Conservation Commissioner.

I agree that, technically, Mr. Bodurtha may have acted with the best of intentions in this matter. But the fact is that the essence of the complaint was a matter for the zoning enforcement agent. The town administrator has turned this matter over to the zoning enforcement agent for further action.

I had a full face-to-face conversation with Mr. Bodurtha to clearly inform him of my position on this matter with the town administrator present. I indicated at that time that I was disappointed in how he handled the complaint in question and the end result of same.

Mr. Bodurtha apparently chose to write this letter to cast blame elsewhere.

I regret he takes the position that I am misleading the public. I encourage all who are concerned in this matter to contact me for further clarification of the facts. Mr. Bodurtha is fully capable of serving the town of Ayer in a positive manner if he looks back at this as a lesson learned.

I trust this response will serve as a clear indication; I did not mislead the public in my choosing to not appoint Mr. Bodurtha.

Thank You


Ayer Board of Selectmen

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