TOWNSEND — It was a busy night for members of the Board of Selectmen last week when a number of housekeeping issues were taken care of, including the issuing of liquor licenses, signing of contracts and settling affairs in the building inspector’s office.

With current monitoring services at the town’s landfill coming to an end, selectmen voted to sign a contract with the Peabody-based firm of Weston & Sampson to perform all work required to provide the town with environmental monitoring and reporting at the Greenville Road landfill.

The agreement will extend for three years with expenses to the town varying annually beginning this year with $14,990, rising to $17,500 next year and decreasing to $15,500 in 2013.

Town Administrator Andrew Sheehan told selectmen that the annual price charged for the services would likely go down in the years beyond the term of the new contract but never be completely ended.

For years, the 12-acre landfill has been the site of mitigation efforts following a state order that it be capped.

Also Monday night, the board voted to approve an application by Westford resident and new owner Shailesh Kumar J. Patel for the transfer of an All Alcoholic Retail Liquor License for the Townsend Package Store located at 224 Main St.

According to Patel attorney Gregory Demakis, Patel recently bought the store from previous owner, John Caten, and has a bank loan lined up to cover the purchase price.

Doing business as the Dada Maa Corp., Patel’s wife, Shaileshkumar J. Patel, will serve as manager of the store, which Demakis said would comply with all regulations dealing with the handling of alcoholic beverages.

Also last week, selectmen:

* Appointed alternate building inspectors and set an hourly rate in which to pay them for their services. The action was needed due to an injury that will require building inspector Richard Hanks to be out of work for four to six weeks. With their vote, selectmen arranged for Hanks’ replacement by alternate inspectors Bentley Hergett and Peter Niall with a rate of pay set at $24.64.

* Voted to sign a grant application for $850 to be submitted by the Conservation Commission for money to help pay for a forest stewardship program. If the grant money is forthcoming, plans call for a cleanup of a 32-acre site off Henry Road owned by the town.

* Voted to permit the sale of a 27-year-old Eagle Cascade air bottle filling station as surplus equipment.

* Approved a pair of single-day liquor licenses for Normand Richard of the town’s VFW Post 6538 for a “Jack and Jill” party on June 11 and a going away party for a local Marine on June 25.