PEPPERELL — Residents in attendance at Monday’s Special Town Meeting breezed quickly through nine warrant articles before going on to consider 27 more on the Annual Town Meeting warrant.

The special portion of the May 2 town meeting took place at the Nissitissit Middle School, where 122 residents came out on a cool spring evening and managed to surpass the minimum number of 75 voters needed to reach a quorum.

After voting to appropriate the modest sum of $42.47 to help balance outstanding payments for fiscal 2010, voters proceeded to appropriate an additional $74,771 to cover overruns in the snow and ice removal budget for 2011. The past winter season saw an unusual amount of storm activity that left well over 2 feet of snow on the ground throughout the Nashoba Valley.

Residents at special Town Meeting also voted to:

* Transfer $3,329 from within the water enterprise fund for use in closing out the Parker Street water project. The work would also include replacement of part of the water line along Mill Street in conjunction with a state project to improve the Mill Street Bridge.

* Appropriate $2,648 from the water enterprise fund in order to satisfy a contractual obligation to an employee of the DPW for a retroactive step increase.

* Transfer $5,822 from within the sewer enterprise fund for use in paying off debt.

* Transfer $20,090 from the sewer enterprise fund to cover a shortfall in the department’s general fund.

* Transfer $29,592 from the water enterprise fund to be applied to the department’s debt.

* Appropriate $3,462 to be used for the purchase of a pair of power cots and monitors. The appropriation is needed in order to match the required 5 percent owed by the town in return for a federal grant of $65,000.

* Authorize the Board of Selectmen to acquire by eminent domain a permanent easement across an 11,275 square-foot piece of land located at 1-3 Elm St. The easement was sought and acquired by the town 20 years ago but was not recorded. When current owner Don Palmer asked that the town remove the sewer line that had been placed beneath his land, it was decided that removal would have been cost prohibitive. A decision was made to buy the land from the owner instead, but the offer was refused, initiating the move to seize the land by eminent domain. Fair compensation for the land is expected to be tendered and could amount to as much as $40,000.