I hope that you will vote yes to Warrant Article 28, CPAC – PASSIVE RECREATION AREA which seeks to appropriate or transfer $100,000 from the Community Preservation Fund fiscal 2012 funding for the creation of a passive recreation area on the property located at 62 Pleasant St. in Ayer. Ken Martin, director of Ayer Housing Authority, submitted a request for funding to fulfill his previous pledge, offering the use of the land north of the Pleasant Street School to the town of Ayer for a pocket park. This passive recreation area, or pocket park, would be created on the open land adjacent to the newly developed Pleasant Street School Apartments, transforming that open space into an environment for passive recreation with long-term benefits for the neighborhood and the town of Ayer.

The request included a landscape architect’s concept drawing for the park along with a written proposal to create a neighborhood pocket park for the residents at the Pleasant Street School Apartments, the neighborhood and the community. It would offer a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors while reading, informally socializing, appreciating nature or exercising on the walking paths. Approximately 1 acre in size, this project’s major features would include an ADA and stairway entrance with ramps, landings and packed gravel pathway around the park. There would also be a circular patio meeting place with benches and floral centerpiece, and amphitheater-style rock garden seating near Jackson Street. Low height/low maintenance native bushes, shrubs, ground cover and native decorative trees would be used to provide for ease of maintenance.

This passive recreation area would satisfy the neighborhood’s long-term desire for a pocket park by improving public access to and protection of a prominent historic landscape. It would also initiate a part of the Town’s Master Plan, which includes having a series of pocket parks throughout Ayer. Article 28 is sponsored by the Community Preservation Committee and is recommended by the Finance Committee.


Chairperson, Pleasant Street School Pocket Park Committee