TOWNSEND — Spaulding Memorial School recently observed Healthy Snack Week; Tracy Burg was the coordinator.

Burg, a parent and PTO member, is a dietitian. She began Healthy Snack Week at Squannacook Elementary School and when SES closed, and SMS incorporated grades 3 and 4, Spaulding continued with the Healthy Snack Week for all of the grades.

Each day of the week, there was a special snack offered. If a student wanted to try it, he or she had the opportunity. Every day, there were names randomly drawn, and those students would win small prizes like sidewalk chalk. At the end of the week, there was an additional drawing for the larger prize, a bicycle.

Every day at each lunch, Burg would go over what the snack of the day was. Burg gave the students simple explanations as to what food group the snack would belong to, and how that food was good for the body. For example, one day the food the students could try a bean salad.

“The beans belong to the meat, beans, and nut group,” explained Burg.

“Also in this food group are meat, beef, fish. Give it a taste, a ‘no thank you’ bite, you might like it,” she said.

There were black beans, garbanzo beans, corn and a little bit of green pepper in the bean salad.

Other snacks of the week included popcorn and sliced apples. Last year, there were healthy yogurt Smoothies.

Each day, at lunch, there was an air of anticipation about the snack. The students would talk about what the snack of the day was, and they would talk about whether or not they would try it. Looking around the lunchroom, it seemed as if most of the students tried the snack. Some liked it, others didn’t.

Tracy Burg told the students… “It’s good to try new foods. You might be surprised and like it.”