Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate not only our own mothers and our own motherhood, but all the mothers in our community and in our lives by whom our lives are enriched every day. As another Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to acknowledge the moms in Groton for all that they do for their own families and also for volunteering for the activities and organizations that make Groton a wonderful and unique place to live.

As co-chairs of the Groton/Dunstable Fresh Air Fund chapter, Tricia Harding and I have been honored to work with some of the most generous and loving mothers in the world, Fresh Air Fund host moms. These extraordinary women open their homes to a New York City child for a week or two during the summer, giving a child the opportunity to enjoy backyard barbeques and running barefoot through the grass, simple pleasures that we take for granted. Other area moms, although no longer hosting a Fresh Air Fund child, are still committed to the program. Groton mom Michelle Emerle gives generously of her time recruiting new families in an effort to see as many city children as possible get a break from the hot and crowded city streets. Thank you, Fresh Air Fund moms, for having a little extra room in your heart for a city child!

Visit to find out what these mothers and others like them in surrounding towns already know about the joys of seeing summer in the suburbs through the eyes of a city child.

Happy Mother’s Day!

DEBBIE CARTEr; 978-692-9673