AYER — The selectmen’s meeting began with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” for Ayer Selectman Pauline Conley. On Tuesday, it was not only her 59th birthday but also her first meeting back aboard the Ayer Board of Selectmen following the April 25 Town Election wins for Conley and returning Selectman Jim Fay.

And, as is also the tradition, the board reorganized itself and elected new leadership.

Conley suggested the board fill the posts of chairman, vice chairman and secretary simultaneously as a single slate.

“After deep thought, not to mention arm twisting, I will nominate Gary Luca to be the chairman,” said Selectmen Frank Maxant.

For vice chairman, Conley nominated outgoing Chairman Fay and also suggested Maxant continue on as clerk. “He’s seemed to do a great job this past year from what I’ve heard from the back of the room,” said Conley, noting her former audience perch in the years since her last term on the board from 2005 through 2008.

While Maxant said “it’s been a rewarding job,” he hedged a bit. “I would prefer to elect someone else.”

Selectman Carolyn McCreary suggested Conley for clerk. “I would have to decline,” said Conley. “I wouldn’t have the time.”

Luca suggested McCreary for the scribe’ post. “What if I decline?” she asked.

Maxant reconsidered. “I’m willing to serve if that’s what the board wants and needs.”

Conley moved the slate, which was approved unanimously — Luca as chairman, Fay as vice chairman and Maxant as clerk.

Luca praised Fay’s prior year’s service at the helm of the board. “You did a great job in the time you were there.”

Luca also welcomed Fay and Conley back onto the board.

Luca provided some ground rules under his chairmanship. “Try not to regurgitate the same information over and over again, be respectful of others views, try not to cut others off, and I encourage participation from citizens,” he said.