My name is George Knittel and I am running for re-election as moderator for the town of Shirley.

In this election campaign, there has been much rhetoric, a lot of it promoting half-truths, and some of it promoting untruths. But the bottom line, which has been largely ignored, is this: Who will be the better moderator for Shirley over the next three years, my opponent or myself? I believe that Shirley will be far better off if I am re-elected and I therefore ask for your vote on May 10.

If I am elected rather than my opponent, Town Meetings will be more efficient, fair and harmonious, with a positive, respect-for-all tone. Shirley will have a reasonable, moderate moderator who knows the town, the law, the procedures, and who is able to assist the BOS and CAO with preparation for Town Meetings. Respectful and professional conduct of Town Meetings will be an encouragement for the town, which will carry over into other town affairs as well.

I am therefore privileged and humbled by this opportunity to offer my service as moderator for another three years to you, my neighbors and friends.