I urge you to re-elect George Knittel as town of Shirley moderator. Recent letters to the editor have unfairly demeaned Mr. Knittel’s performance as town moderator. As a member of the Finance Committee for the last 10 years, and chairman for the past three years, I can assure you that his performance of the moderator’s responsibilities at Town Meetings during that time has been exemplary.

His performance as moderator in recruiting members of the Finance Committee has also been above reproach. He has consistently striven to appoint members to the committee who are not only well qualified, but who also bring an unbiased openness and a sense of good judgement to their committee duties that are important in making financial recommendations that are in the best interests of the entire town.

At this juncture of town financial decision-making, when each year we are faced with deficits that jeopardize our ability to provide town services, and when we are also implementing a regional school district, it is more important than ever to have a Town Meeting leader who has proven his ability to fairly hear all points of discussion that bring votes to fruition that are truly representative of the desires of the Town Meeting, and who is committed to continue to appoint members to the Finance Committee who are willing to responsibly represent the needs of the entire town when making their financial recommendations.