By now many of you have read or heard of the accusations questioning my residency. Mrs. Patricia Krauchune of 56 Lancaster Road, an ardent supporter of both my opponent, Mr. Deveau, and Mr. Cappucci, a candidate for moderator, has filed a complaint with the Shirley town clerk apparently after conducting her own investigation.

Mr. Ron Marchetti, an elected member of the board of assessors and also an ardent supporter of Mr. Deveau and Mr. Cappucci, was quoted in the newspaper saying, “There could be a problem with residency.”

These accusations are purely and wholly a politically charged attempt to discredit my candidacy. My primary residence has been and still is 3 Common Road in Shirley.

* My annual income taxes are filed from that address.

* All my utility bills are sent to my name at that address.

* My name is listed in the phonebook at that address.

* My name has been on the Shirley voter-registration list consistently since 1972 at that address.

* My four children all attended Lura White school registered from that address.

* I physically reside at that address over 80 percent of the year.

* Both my mailing address and excise-tax bills have been and still are registered with our family business, The Bull Run restaurant located on Route 2A in Shirley.

* Our family dog, Exeter, is licensed and has rabies shots verification at that address.

I have honestly answered the questions concerning the Lunenburg address on my license. It was changed approximately 18 months ago for the purpose of filing a Homestead on the property. It turns out that a Homestead had been in effect since August 2002 and did not require a change of address on my license.

Anyone doing a thorough investigation would easily be able to determine that none of the criteria listed above exists or ever has in town of Lunenburg records.

Unfortunately, the complaint filed by Mrs. Krauchune now triggers spending taxpayers dollars for Shirley’s town counsel, who will need to expend town funds in research, advice and consultation with our town clerk, as she expends further taxpayer dollars to conduct a hearing — a hearing with much ado about nothing. Last time I looked, our town budget didn’t look like it had excess available funds for such a frivolous expenditure. The actions are akin to the birthers wasting time and money over a nonissue like Obama’s birth certificate when there are so many problems we are facing that need serious, thoughtful, inclusive leadership.

Accusations calling into question a citizen’s residential status and constitutional right to vote are very serious, and could result in negative liability to the town.

The efforts of those who apparently support my opponent amount to nothing more than an adult form of bullying. I don’t intend to be intimidated, demoralized or frightened into abandoning this race. I am a candidate in good standing and have the experience and qualification to serve as your selectman.

Vote to change this type of intimidation and reprisals directed to those who stand up for a form of local government that will lead with respect, decorum, inclusion of all, and true transparency.

I humbly ask for your support and vote election day, Tuesday, May 10.