PEPPERELL — In rain, shine or even snow, the crowds will line up on the front lawn of the Lawrence Library and anxiously wait for the annual Pepperell Garden Club plant sale to begin.

At the stroke of 8 a.m., on Saturday, May 14, the sale will open and the mad dash will begin. It is as exciting as “the running of the brides” for wedding gowns.

Many plant-loving shoppers bring their own little red wagon or plant trays to carry their plants. Hanging plants, perennials, vegetables, and annuals are all available. Customers as far away as Chelmsford, Fitchburg and even Amherst, N.H., eagerly wait to purchase these plants. A large tent will be erected, in case of inclement weather.

Because of the success last year, the club will again feature the “gems” table — a collection of unusual, desirable or rare plants. Some choice plants include blue lace-cap hydrangea ‘serrata,’ purple cimicifuga, pink lily of the valley, varigated Solomon’s seal, European ginger, maidenhair fern, bloodroot, trout lily, mayapple, epimediums, and more!

Another newer innovation is the “garden groupings” collections. Two types of trays will be offered for a sun or a part-shade garden. This will be a superior offering of ground covers, perennials and plants pre-selected for height, bloom and light requirements. They are chosen to be harmonious, companion plants for new or existing gardens. It’s an easy “gardens-to-go” package.

Many plants are unusual varieties that Pepperell Garden Club members gladly share to be sold at the plant sale. Many plants are also donated by local residents who contact “The Dig Team.” The Dig Team will gladly dig up unwanted plants from the donor’s yard.

The Pepperell community eagerly awaits this annual event. They happily carry home their new plants to begin or enhance their gardens. Because of the vast variety, excellent quality and low prices, the sale has grown year after year. The sale ends at about noon the same day and is normally a total sellout.

For more information, call Nancy at 433-5133. The Pepperell Garden Club is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts Inc. For further information contact Diane at 978-433-5751. Visit the PGC website at