For the past three years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy Deveau in our town government and I believe he should be re-elected selectman for the Town of Shirley. Andy brings many things to the table that show his leadership skills. It is not unusual for him to attend meetings of the Personnel Board, Finance Team, the Economic Development Committee, general staff meetings and more. He believes that all departments need to work together for town government to best serve the people of Shirley. A prime example of this belief is the Tax Collection Committee, which was one of the first recommendations he made when elected three years ago. The committee, made up of elected and appointed officials, presented a report to the selectmen, which outlined the scope of the problem, explained how it happened and put a plan in place to correct it. This has been an area of concern for some departments for many years, but until Andy took office, there was no support to address the issue.

The present selectmen have been wrongly blamed for much of the financial difficulties the town is experiencing. The signs were there many years ago that hard times were coming, but never addressed. When elected, Andy hit the ground running and immediately began to look for ways to improve our situation. He understands that revenues must support all parts of the town government; public safety, education and general government. Although there are those who believe he does not support education, they are incorrect. He knows one entity in government cannot use up all the resources available to the town and each must understand the needs of the other. I personally congratulate him for not riding the fence, taking a stand in support of all the people of Shirley and working to create financial security for the town. That is what our selectmen should be doing.

Not only does Andy look at our financial situation for the future, he looks a ways to make it cost effective. Solar energy is the future and I commend his commitment to make it a reality in Shirley.

Andy’s decisions are not lightly made. They are made only after reading all information available on the subject, listening to the opinions of other officials, employees and residents of the town. I’ve let him know my concerns and sometimes he agrees with me and other times he does not. But the fact that he’ll listen and consider my opinion says a lot to his character.

His involvement in Benjamin Hill, his work at the Senior Center and his support for economic development show he cares for our town. These are just a few of the reasons I believe Andy should continue serving as a selectman in the town of Shirley. I hope you will join me in voting for him on May 10.