AYER — The public is invited to attend an open house on Monday, May 16, at the Ayer Department of Public Works headquarters at 25 Brook St. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Planned events include:

· Water Division — Check out how to find buried or paved-over gate box covers (and other cool stuff) using a hand-held metal detector. Locate a pipe below ground using dousing-rods versus an electronic pipe locator. Learn water conservation tips. And climb aboard our newest backhoe and see our other ‘tools of the trade.’

· Wastewater Division — Tour the wastewater treatment plant to see the process of how waste is treated. See live micro-organisms under a microscope from a real wastewater sample! Visually compare a raw waste sample to the final treated effluent discharging to the Nashua River.

· Highway Division — Climb aboard the entire fleet of cool trucks, wheel loader, multiservice tractors and more equipment!

· Solid Waste Division — Learn more about solid waste versus recycling. Find out more about single-stream recycling and how it gets sorted.

· Stormwater — What is stormwater? Come to understand the importance of stormwater quality and how it affects all of our lives. Learn more about how fertilizers, soaps (detergents), sediment (sand), trash and debris affect our waterways and aquatic life. Find out what is a watershed and how you can protect them.

Each division of the Ayer Department of Public Works will have a station set up for people to view, touch, explore and ask questions of the respective employees.