PEPPERELL — A new “arch” business has opened up in town, but unlike the “golden arches” most know and love, this one does not sell Big Macs.

Lynne Archambault, owner of Arch Fitness, solidified her passion for physical fitness by opening a 2,000-square-foot facility in downtown Pepperell.

“We’ve been preparing for about one month now,” said Archambault. “We had to basically do everything — the walls, we put in a rubber flooring and we’re also putting up cable stations. It’s definitely been a lot of work.”

The doors of Arch Fitness, 152 Main St., are now open, providing an environment where clients can learn how to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Unlike the typical training in a public gym, Arch Fitness offers only two classes per day, morning and evening, and they are unique from most other workout programs.

“It’s a different kind of thing. I call it interval training,” said Archambault. “The training focuses on controlling body weight, but without a lot of equipment. So it’s not a gym where you can go 24/7 and work on machines. I don’t really believe in the whole machine thing.”

As an experienced fitness coach and personal trainer, Archambault explained that many people do not see the desired weight-loss results when going to the everyday gym. She said that a human body tends to adjust to the work that it is given, and so, if someone were to do the same routine week after week, then his or her body will eventually become accustomed to that workout, thus lessening the results.

Each one of Archambault’s workout classes is different from the last so that different muscle groups are being used every session. According to the new owner, you will never see the same workout twice.

“I believe that these types of workouts are so beneficial because they not only increase your cardiovascular ability, but also your strength because you’re using your own body weight as resistance. You’re constantly increasing your strength,” she said.

“It changes your whole body makeup. You have more muscle and less fat. It’s great for your heart and it’s great for your energy level. It just makes you feel better.”

Archambault is currently Arch Fitness’ sole trainer and fitness instructor. She is CPR and AFPA certified, which is an American Fitness Professionals and Associates credential focused in areas such as building a personal training business as well as training programs, exercise science, physical fitness testing and nutrition. She is also a certified aerobics instructor.

Most recently, the workout guru has been participating in sprint triathlons and placing in the top 10 for her age group. Before opening Arch Fitness in Pepperell, Archambault worked as a personal trainer at The Studio in Groton’s Mill Run Plaza.

“I decided to open my own gym because I wanted to be able to give more class opportunities to people, to provide more of a workout cushion. The space where I was just wasn’t conducive to that, so I wanted my own studio to expand, to do more things.”

Arch Fitness also offers corporate programs, which means that representatives go to different companies and offer a variety of fitness programs to its employees. Studies have shown that these programs have made a great impact in not only the overall health of company employees, but it has also cut down on health-care costs.

“My corporate programs are expanding, so along with that I would like to have more class options available and more trainers,” said Archambault.

As a working mother of three children under the age of 15, the new business owner surely maintains a busy schedule, which is why she believes that eating well and exercising does a whole lot more than getting one’s body into shape. Rather, she believes that it enhances happiness, self-esteem and self-confidence.

“In this day and age with everybody’s greater knowledge of health, people must make fitness a priority and realize that if they want to live a long, healthy life, then they need to make fitness a priority and they need to work at it.”

Each session lasts approximately one hour. Morning classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday begin at 9 a.m. and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 a.m. Evening classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Arch Fitness is offering a free first class. For information about fitness classes and/or rates, visit the gym’s website at