In less than a month, we will be asked to vote for a candidate for BOS. In the mean time, we need to think about our priorities for the Town of Harvard and who will best serve them. For most of us, property taxes are a prime concern. Harvard taxpayers do not like cutting services nor do they favor property-tax overrides. Stu Sklar will continue to focus on developing alternative funding solutions, and do so in a way that balances the needs of all our citizens, from students to seniors.

Sklar will bring extensive experience to the Board of Selectmen. He has served on the Harvard School Committee, as well as on the Suburban Coalition, a statewide organization of local officials providing input to the state about local issues.

As Chair of the School Committee, he helped bring a win-win outcome to two exceedingly difficult contract negotiations. He was a leader in forging the Devens contract for our schools, which brought in much needed non property-tax revenue.

We need Stu’s knowledge, leadership, drive, passion and compassion on our Board of Selectmen. I urge you to join me and vote for Stu Sklar on Election Day, April 5. His website is