By a two-to-one vote, Pepperell’s Board of Health voted this week not to televise its meetings. While at least one of the board’s arguments had merit, the way to address the issue was not a cable blackout.

Health Board member John Marriner expressed concern for people who appear before a board or committee because a complaint was lodged against them. He felt that televising such an exchange might give a wrong impression, difficult to undo due to the immediacy of a cable broadcast.

But the board’s meetings are public, and with few exceptions, the business before them is public as well. If business of a negative nature is to be discussed about a person or business, that person or business should be told and given the chance to attend and speak to the matter.

We remember the politics of years ago when issues were resolved behind closed doors or at the local tavern or eatery. Hopefully, those days are gone.

Government is a costly enterprise. As taxpayers are asked to pay more and more for it, they should also be afforded their right to witness the workings of the government that serves them.