Thank you Shirley DPW!!…..I would like to thank all the members of the Shirley DPW for the outstanding job they are doing in this very stormy winter. I drive around to other towns and some roads are half-plowed. We should really appreciate the way our town roads are taken care of. It shows the pride our DPW employees take in doing their job for the town. It makes me mad to hear of all the complaints the DPW has to put up with..such as snow at the end of driveways, buried mailboxes, etc. Where would you like them to put the snow?? I would much rather do a little extra shoveling at the end of my driveway in exchange for safe roads so our emergency vehicles can get around. Stop your complaining and appreciate the fine job they are doing. Winters like this don’t happen every year. I hear stories about people giving DPW drivers the middle finger! Instead of that you should be waving to them and thanking them! Stop acting like a bunch of babies and grow up!! On behalf of the majority of us that think you do a fine job, “Thank you Shirley DPW.”