Monday, Jan. 31

A.M. 12:07, Cottage Street, lockout (motor vehicle/residence); 1:32, Mount Lebanon Street; 6:16, River Road, mutual aid; 6:30, Lakin Street, burglar alarm (investigated); 8:38, Main Street, burglar alarm(false alarm); 8:50, Hollis Street, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 10:15, Railroad Street, motor-vehicle complaint (civilian); 11:42, Main Street, larceny/forgery/fraud; 11:59, Blood Street, assist citizen.

P.M. 2:04, Hollis Street, assist citizen; 3:30, Hollis Street, lockout motor vehicle (residence); 8:49, South Road, traffic control; 10:46, Lowell Road, disturbance.

Tuesday, Feb. 1

A.M. 9:00, Townsend Street motor-vehicle accident; 10:02, Main Street, disabled motor vehicle; 11:17, Hollis Street, motor-vehicle accident.

P.M. 1:20, Lowell Road, town bylaw violation; 2:52, Parkwood Drive, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 3:07, Main Street, disturbance; 4:16, Mill Street, serve trespass letter; 5:27, Main Street, motor-vehicle accident; 5:43, Tucker Park, animal control; 6:03, Hollis Street, fire; 7:05, River Road and South Road, motor-vehicle accident; 9:35, Mason Street, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, Feb. 2,

A.M. 10:33, Eaton Street and Haskell Road, 11:37, Chestnut Street, complaint.

P.M. 1:56, Foster Street, 911 hang-up, 4:31, Maple Street, motor-vehicle complaint (civilian); 4:52, Tarbell Street; 8:47, Main Street and Mill Street.

Thursday, Feb. 3

A.M. 8:01, South Road, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 9:22, Harbor Street, motor-vehicle accident; 11:35, West Street, assist citizen; 11:56, River Road, lockout (motor vehicle/residence).

P.M. 2:01, Main Street, threats; 2:07, Main Street, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 2:10, Foster Street, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 2:37, West Street, civil (land/custody/etc.); 3:16, Foster Street, complaint; 3:23, Main Street and Park Street, disabled motor vehicle; 3:32, Tucker Park, assist citizen; 5:08, Cranberry Street and Wheeler Street, disabled motor vehicle; 5:30, Prescott Street and Hollis Street, disabled motor vehicle; 5:46, Main Street, annoying/harassing phone calls.

Friday, Feb. 4,

A.M. 7:43, West Street, trespassing; 9:44, Hollis Street, suspicious activity; 11:51, Main Street, motor-vehicle accident.

P.M. 2:26, Chace Ave, traffic control; 3:00, Hollis Street, fire; 3:26, Groton Street, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 4:27, Main Street, 911 hang-up; 4:41, West Street, complaint; 5:53, Tarbell Street, suspicious activity; 7:41, Nashua Road, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 9:31, Shawnee Road, disturbance.

Saturday, Feb. 5

A.M. 1:17, Townsend Street, welfare check (taken to family/guardian); 5:14, Jewett Street, medical emergency (transported to hospital); 9:12, Nashua Road, traffic control; 9:27, Lowell Road, traffic control; 9:56, Lakin Street, domestic disturbance (transported to hospital); 10:30, Townsend Street and Mason Street, disabled motor vehicle; 10:37, River Road, medical emergency (transported to hospital).

P.M. 12:07, Chestnut Street, complaint; 1:49, Deerfield Drive, fire; 1:59, DPW call-out; 4:40, Prescott Street, motor-vehicle accident; 5:09, River Road, traffic control; 8:27, Heald Street, fire; 9:25, Leighton Street, 911 hang-up; 9:40, Tucker Street, domestic disturbance; 10:47, Mount Lebanon Street, alarm-unknown; 11:15, Townsend Street, suspicious activity; 11:37, Main Street, suspicious activity.

Sunday, Feb. 6,

A.M. 3:21, Park Street, assist citizen; 7:54, Mill Street, wires down/arcing/tree on wire; 10:43, Nashua Road, spill/leak.

P.M. 1:29, Lowell Road, traffic control; 1:51, Main Street, lost and found property; 2:23, Bemis Road, domestic disturbance; 4:02, Main Street, lost and found property; 5:36, DPW call out.