GROTON — The Groton Dunstable Players presented a Festival of One-Act Plays in the high school’s Black Box Theater on Feb. 11 and 12. Each class performed a student-directed one-act play that was judged by Meredith Marcinkewicz, artistic director of Shirley Arts; David Nanto, artistic director of The Present Players of Littleton; David Allen Prescott, board member of The Stratton Players of Fitchburg; and Brian Tuomi, company member of Cornerstone Performing Arts Center of Fitchburg.

The performances were so strong and the ensemble work in each play was so good that the judges did not choose a single play as “the best.” What they did is commend several students for their efforts: Emily Gaines (2014) who played “Bill 2” in the play Enigma Variations by David Ives received the Rookie of the Year award, Caroline Cocossa (2013) who played “Maureen” in the play In the Bag by Frances Bartram received Honorable Mention, Ryan Keough (2011) who played “Claudius” in Hamlet by William Shakespeare (condensed by J.P. Crabb) received Best Actor and Hannah Arrighi (2011) who played “Gertrude” in the same received Best Actress. Best Director was awarded to Marisa Olson (2012) for her work on the play Deus Ex by Alan Haehnel.

Marisa was not sure what to make of the play, Deus Ex when she originally read through it, but found that “the one idea that stood out while reading Deus Ex for the first time, though, was power, and using that power for the good of others vs. for selfish means.”

There was several sponsors and contributors to the Festival of One-Act Plays, including the recently formed Groton Dunstable Arts Boosters, Inc., a non-profit association created to support the music, drama, and visual arts activities at the high school.