HARVARD — There’s a three-way race shaping up for both the Harvard Board of Selectmen and Harvard School Committee. The candidates were among the throng of 50 faces at Town Hall last Saturday night for the town’s traditional caucus of voters at which hats for town wide posts are ceremoniously thrown into the ring.

For the Board of Selectmen, Ron Ricci and Marie Sobalvarro accepted nominations for a return to the board. The Board of Selectmen is comprised of five members with each serving a three-year term on a staggered basis.

Ricci was elected to the Board of Selectmen in 2008 and during his tenure has also served as selectman chairman as well as chairman for the Joint Boards of Selectmen for Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

Sobalvarro was elected in 2009 to serve the remaining year and a half of the three-year term of former selectman Leo Blair. She is running now for a fresh three-year term of her own.

The third candidate in the mix is former Harvard School Committee member Stu Sklar. Sklar served for one three-year term aboard the School Committee. In 2010 Sklar was defeated in his run for a consecutive three-year term.

In the School Committee race, there are three candidates angling for the two seats up for election this spring.

The School Committee is also comprised of five members, each serving three-year terms on a staggered election cycle.

Keith Cheveralls currently serves as the committee’s chairman. He was elected in 2008 and is seeking a second consecutive term.

The second seat up for election this spring is currently occupied by Virginia Justicz. Justicz was present for the caucus, but her name is not in the mix this year. She stood down, and the name of two new candidates surfaced: SusanMary Redinger of Ayer Road and Steven Kendall of Slough Road.

Redinger is a mother of two Hildreth Elementary School students, daughters Allison, in kindergarten, and Margaret, in first grade.

Steven Kendall served this past year on a subcommittee of the Harvard School Committee that focused on the issue of whether or not to include religious holidays on the school-year calendar.

Other races include a three-way race for two seats on the Community Preservation Committee and a two-way race for one seat on the Board of Health. Incumbent Town Moderator Bob Eubank was the sole nominee for that post.

Nomination papers toting the requisite number of signatures of registered voters were due by Tuesday at 5 p.m. to secure a place on the Town Election ballot. The Town Election is Tuesday, April 5.

When a Town Election is held within 35 days of the Annual Town Meeting, the deadline to register to vote is 20 days prior to the Town Meeting. So the deadline to register to vote this year falls on Friday, March 11. The Town Clerk’s Office will be open that day from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

TOWN MODERATOR – One position for one year

Bob Eubank, Old School House Road (incumbent)

SELECTMEN – Two positions for three years

Ron Ricci, East Bare Hill Road (incumbent)

Stu Sklar, Scott Road

Marie Sobalvarro, St. John Lane (incumbent)

CEMETERY COMMISSION – One position for three years

Jack Spero, Deerfoot Trail (incumbent)

COMMUNITY PRESERVATION COMMITTEE – Two positions for three years

Don Boyce, Stow Road (incumbent)

Achmad “Didi” M. Chadran, Stow Road

Debbie Ricci, East Bare Hill Road (incumbent)

CONSTABLE – One position for three years

Kerry Curley, Barton Road (incumbent)

BOARD OF HEALTH – One position for three years

Stephen Finnegan, Oak Hill Road

Thomas Phillipou, Stow Road (incumbent)

HOUSING AUTHORITY – One position for five years

No nominees

LIBRARY TRUSTEE – Two positions for three years

Mary Abigail “Gail” Coolidge, Bolton Road

Charles Redinger, Ayer Road

PARK AND RECREATION – Two positions for three years

Anne McWaters, Blanchard Road

PLANNING BOARD – Two positions for three years

Peter Brooks, Orchard Hill

Michelle Catalina, Myrick Lane (an associate member recently appointed as a full member)

PLANNING BOARD – One position for two years

Craig Bardenheuer, Ayer Road (incumbent)

SCHOOL COMMITTEE – Two positions for three years

Keith Cheveralls, Quarry Lane (incumbent)

Steven Kendall, Slough Road

SusanMary Redinger, Ayer Road

TREE WARDEN – One position for one year

Christian Bilodeau, Murray Lane (incumbent)

WARNER FREE LECTURE – two positions for three years

Mary Maxwell, Stow Road

WATER COMMISSION – One position for three years

No nominees

WATER COMMISSION – one position for two years

No nominees