A recent Boston Globe article stated that Townsend was the “average of all communities.”

On Feb. 14, 2011, I learned that our Fire Department is far from average. While working in my cabinet shop that morning, a co-worker heard a noise in the ceiling. We realized that there was a fire and called 911.

Within minutes, members of the Fire Department began to arrive. Despite their tremendous efforts, my building was a total loss.

Although the fire was devastating, I must pause and recognize the efforts of the men and women who came without hesitation to assist. As volunteers, the members of the Fire Department dropped what they were doing to come to my aid. There is nothing average about that — it’s extraordinary.

In addition to theFire Department, members of the Police Department and EMS were on hand to help as well. My family and I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and care exhibited by the members of the public safety agencies from not only Townsend but also the extended “community” that participates in mutual aid.

I also would like to thank the Fire Department Auxiliary and the local businesses that organized and provided refreshments for the public safety professionals and my family.


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