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This letter is a response to the Letter to the Editor titled “Don’t Agree with Tri Board Headline” that was published Dec. 17 in the Ayer Public Spirit.

The letter in question was in response to an article in the Dec. 3 edition of The Public Spirit which was a story covering the Nov. 30 meeting of the Ayer Tri-Board and was titled, “Ayer told of school merger’s negative financial impact.”

As an attendee of the Nov. 30 meeting, I agree that the headline didn’t match with the body of the article as reported by Public Spirit reporter Mary Arata but I do believe the story was accurate. My problem isn’t with the reporting, the article or the state of the town. There is however an issue concerning when and if the Tri Board or any of the three boards independently discussed this issue and agreed to have their chairs and members sign for their respective boards, or is it their individual opinions?

I can’t speak for the Finance Committee or the School Committee but since the issue was never discussed with the Ayer Board of Selectmen. I do have an issue with the chairman of the Ayer Board of Selectmen Richard Gilles and his continued abuse of his leadership position, or may I say lack of leadership. He continues to act unilaterally and make decisions concerning matters that should be presented to the whole Board of Selectmen for a majority opinion.

This is just one of the many; I count at least eight incidents since April when he became acting chairman when Connie Sullivan stepped down from the position, which is about eight more than the four previous chairs combined. His lack of transparency, disrespect to citizens in the audience and his acts that exclude the rest of the BOS is insulting and does nothing to legitimize the BOS, its members or the employees in the town of Ayer.

I’m truly disheartened by the actions taken in the last eight plus months of Mr. Gilles’ chairmanship and can’t wait for a change to bring an effective governing structure back to the BOS where it belongs, and not in one person’s hand. The time has come for Chairman Gilles to stop making excuses for every misstep he has taken over his recent tenure, stop his unilateral approach and stop circumventing the procedures and policies endeared to by his predecessors. It’s should be all about the masses and not about one individual’s idea of what Democracy should be.

Happy New Year



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