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PEPPERELL — The Pepperell Fire Department shows its appreciation and support of our local troops with a “welcome home” banner strung high across Main Street for all to see.

“We did it to welcome home our guys,” said Fire Chief Toby Tyler.

With the return of several men and women in the armed forces as well as the recent plaque dedication in the center of town, the fire association felt that a written thank you was an appropriate way to express their continuing gratitude and to hopefully make the brave soldiers feel good.

Pepperell resident and U.S. marine, Cpl. Rich Debeaucourt, is back in town for the next few days. He said, “When I see it, it makes me feel appreciated and supported at home.”

Posted on the Pepperell Fourth of July Committee’s Facebook page, reads a thank you message that was written by the Fire Department:

“The Pepperell Fire Department is proud of our hometown heroes. Welcome home to all of you and know we back you all forever for serving our country. You are a true inspiration to all of us.

As the fire service always says, stay safe our brothers and sisters. God bless every one of you from all the members of the Pepperell Fire Dept.”

Several comments were made in appreciation.

Pepperell resident and member of the Army Community Covenant, Lorri Guarnieri, wrote, “That’s a beautiful way to say what needs to be said! Thank you PFD from a town that knows you have our backs as well.”

The banner was made by Sites and Signs, owned by Jeff Cook and located in Lomar Park. Funding for the project was made possible through donations by the Pepperell firefighters.

“It was to show that we have the support here at home, even when they are not here,” said Chief Tyler.

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