SHIRLEY — As we expand the use of the Shirley Senior Center, new opportunities to volunteer continue to arise.

If you were thinking, “what can I do to spend some enjoyable time helping people,” think about the senior center.

We have myriad areas, commitments big and small, where we can use help. Some are as simple as stopping by once a week and helping set up for programs (move tables/chairs, etc.). Some take a longer commitment, like driving to deliver meals on wheels to shut-ins once a week and some will ask you to share your skills and talents like teaching a class for a specific length of time (four to eight weeks or so).

What ever time you have to give, as long as it is on a consistent basis, we can find something for you to do.

Here are some areas where we need help starting now and/or next January:

Shovel the snow off the walks and stairs

Cook a monthly Luncheon (SafeServe cert preferred)

Help make or serve a monthly Luncheon

Help with a Monthly Breakfast

Run a weekly Wii fitness class for seniors (Gentle exercise)

Run a weekly Wii fitness class for seniors (Less gentle)

Run a Wii bowling league for seniors or a tennis match

Teach a class in a skill area like, “Basic Computers,” a Language, genealogy, meditation, chess, mah-jong

Help produce and run a bi-monthly Information seminar

Help manage the tai-chi and yoga programs

Teach a Craft — woodcarving, tying flies for fishing, photography

Those and many more areas are where we can use your help to build programs which will support the needs of the seniors and bring them out of their houses and into the center.

Can you help?

Call John Oelfke at 978-425-1390 and volunteer.