I am writing to ask if we could make an appeal to your readers for the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner for our homeless veterans and those in need of food for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Veterans Inc. is a nonprofit company located at 69 Grove St., Worcester.

We have traditionally been able to provide homeless veterans and those needy people in the Worcester area with food that they can prepare to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This year we don’t have the food, including turkeys, to distribute to those people who rely on us each year.

We are asking your readers if they would contribute food, including turkeys, to our Holiday Harvest, which will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 23, at our Grove Street headquarters.

Last year we distributed more than 400 turkeys with all the fixings to homeless veterans and people in need.

If your readers would like to contribute anything along the line of “the fixins,” they can contact our headquarters at 69 Grove St. and speak with Amanda Riik 508-791-1213, ext. 123.

I hope you can help us out with this endeavor and we appreciate anything you can do for us.


Site Manager, Veterans Inc.