North Middlesex Savings Bank employees donate $1,935 to Loaves & Fishes food pantry


When North Middlesex Savings Bank branch manager Priscilla Scales heard about the critical shortage of food at Loaves & Fishes, she immediately got involved. Scales came up with an idea to involve all NMSB officers and employees in the food drive: Extension of the summer dress code policy for cash donations.

“People always seem to think of donating to the food pantry during the holidays. However, this year, with the economy still struggling, Loaves & Fishes is finding more families in need of their services. As a result, they don’t have enough food on their shelves, said Paula Carmichael, vice president of human resources.

In September, she said, “We put out a challenge to our employees: For a $10 contribution, we would extend the summer dress code to Sept. 30.” The dress code policy is relaxed in summer months, Carmichael explained. Normally, we require our employees to wear hosiery, shirts with ties, suits. In the summer, we go to business casual.”

NMSB employees are frequently asked to donate to dress down, but in this case, Carmichael said, “contributions will go directly to help the families in need in our own community.”

NMSB’s goal was the raise $600 or more for Loaves & Fishes and CEO William Marshall issued his own challenge: For every dollar contributed by an employee over $10, he would match the contribution, dollar-for-dollar.

Employees immediately responded. By the end of the weeklong campaign, a whopping $1.935 had been collected.

“These funds came from everyone, not just our higher paid personnel, but from our front line staff and new employees.

I am so proud of what we were able to do,” Carmichael said.

“Just imagine how much food $1,935 will buy.”