With Thanksgiving around the corner, the Goodfriend family of Townsend has so much to be grateful for. Amanda Goodfriend recently gave birth to the family’s fourth child, Lola, a healthy beautiful baby girl.

Amanda Goodfriend knew she was going to have four children — husband Matt Goodfriend did not. Matt believes that a mother always knows.

“Mommy is the name of God in the lips and hearts of my children. Her daily tasks and ability to complete them are not governed by the laws of nature. She has the superhuman ability to just keep going. She’s Mommy. Her intimate knowledge of each of her children’s needs, wants, requirements and all the things that make them amazing down to the smallest detail make her amazing. She misses and forgets nothing for her children,” shared Matt Goodfriend.

Matt feels watching his wife transform from a lady into a mother and into a woman has been nothing short of life altering. This drives Matt every day to give back to her all that she has given him. He acknowledges that Amanda has given him true gifts from God — four beautiful, healthy, and amazing children that are the very essence and purpose of his being. Matt knows that Amanda fills Brandt, 7, Gracyn, 5, Rhys, 3, and Lola, 11 weeks, with endless love and for that she is simply “Mommy” and amazing.

Amanda Goodfriend was born in Littleton, the only daughter to parents Pam and Rick Fritz. She attended Assumption College in Worcester and majored in social rehabilitation. Amanda worked for five years for Oxford Instruments in Concord before deciding to stay home with the birth of her first son Brandt. Amanda truly enjoys being a stay at home mom and is grateful that she can do so. She doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Amanda has been married to Matt for 11 years and feels they make a perfect team. Matt is her soul mate and knows their journey has been amazing having four children together. “He is just so positive and lives each moment and always keeps my spirits up,” smiled Amanda.

Amanda feels extremely grateful to live in a community like Townsend and to have the resources that are available here to new moms. “I am so grateful to Nancy Amante and her parenting groups; without them I wouldn’t have met such key people in my life, especially when I was a first-time mom. It’s been a blessing,” said Amanda with a smile. Amanda shared that Amante is so helpful and caring and she pulls everyone together and that she is a vital part of this community.

Just like her grandmother, Amanda loves to bake and cook. Amanda reflected on how her grandmother showed her love through her cooking by bringing meals and baked goodies to those she cared for. Amanda has been part of the all-volunteer-based group, Mommies Mobile Meals, since it began over two years ago. She enjoys giving back to the community and lifting spirits by providing those in need with her incredible meals and baked goodies.

“What a wonderful choice for Mom of the Month. Who doesn’t love her? She is classy, kind, gentle, a wonderful listener, amazing cook, generous, thoughtful and has a smile to light up the world. She is a fiercely dedicated mother who puts family first, Amanda is not afraid to put her children’s needs first when they matter,” stated friend Kerry McCarthy. “When she gives to the Mommies Mobile Meals, she has such a wonderful presentation and that’s just like Amanda…the presentation. She softly lets you know that these little ways are her way of making you feel special,” added Kerry McCarthy.

Melissa Kubick of Townsend agrees wholeheartedly with McCarthy. “Amanda is an amazing mother and friend; she gives so much of herself and to others,” said Kubick. Amanda recently contributed to an event at the Townsend Library for the American Cancer Society.

“With everything going on in our lives and how busy we are with our children and their interests, it is amazing to me how people can pull through and go out of their way to find time for others and contribute to such a wonderful cause. Amanda amazed us all. Walking in with beautiful homemade cookies wonderfully presented and individually wrapped with little kids in tow. Not too many people can pull that off and still look as beautiful as she does,” shared Suzanne Doust, chair, Townsend Library board of trustees.

Amanda has felt the challenges now of having four children, three of whom are in school. “The challenge is trying to give them all equal time; I don’t want any of them to feel a lack. I don’t have everything quite down, but I will give it my all and a hundred percent,” vocalized Amanda.

Older siblings Brandt and Gracyn both were grinning from ear to ear when asked about Mommy. “She does everything for us and we love her,” they proudly stated.

Amanda loves how close her parents live and how involved and helpful they both are with the children. The children adore their grandparents and they share a special bond with each one. “Amanda is a wonderful daughter; she is the light of our lives. She has blessed us with a dear son-in-law and four grandchildren we love dearly. She is beautiful inside and out. Amanda shows her love through her cooking and we are so proud of what she has accomplished,” articulated her parents, Pam and Rick.

Many people have been touched or blessed to have Amanda Goodfriend in their lives; so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The Mother of the Month is chosen by Lyn Giancotti, founder of Mommies Mobile Meals.