HARVARD — Parents of juniors and sophomores are invited to attend a free, one-hour presentation on college admissions testing to be given Thursday, Dec. 2, at 7:30 p.m. in the Fireplace Room of the Old Library. The program is called “Understanding College Admissions Testing and What to do About It.”

The presentation explains the testing process, the strategizing and planning that is appropriate, and the expectations that one should have in trying to improve one’s scores. The talk will address the PSAT, the SAT Subject tests, the ACT test and preparing for the SAT test.

Among the topics covered and the questions that parents have are: how important is the PSAT and what does it reveal, when should the SAT test be taken and how many times, what are SAT Subject Tests and when should they be taken, what is the ACT test and how is it different from the SAT, what improvements in scores can be made, and what is involved in preparing for the test.

For parents who are going through the college process for the first time, this presentation has proven to be illuminating, helpful and much appreciated.

Call 978-505-0675 if you have any questions.

This presentation is part of the Pilot Project at the Old Library. Visit for more information on the activities and lectures occurring at the Old Library.