Clipping to a degree from their respective websites, we endorse as follows for the Tuesday, Nov. 2 Election:

Congress – Jon Golnik (R)

I am running for Congress because I am unhappy with the direction of the country: The runaway spending, the bailouts, the takeovers and the healthcare reform before Congress that is being forced upon the majority of the people to the cost of $1 trillion dollars.

We can’t borrow or spend our way back to prosperity and this certainly won’t create jobs. We are lectured by the elites in Washington that the financial crisis was largely a result of our ‘living beyond our means’; however, in the first year of the new administration the federal deficit increased three times from $500 billion to $1.5 trillion and this is only forecast to grow for the next 10 years.

There is a conceit coming out of Washington that somehow they know better than we do.

Governor – Charles Baker (R)

The Commonwealth has experienced one of its deepest financial crises in history, but it did not happen overnight. Over the past four years, the Patrick Administration and politicians on Beacon Hill have failed to make tough choices. State government continues to mismanage our hard-earned taxpayer dollars while passing one tax increase after another.

While families, businesses and local governments have been tightening their belts, Beacon Hill continues on a path of reckless and wasteful spending, forcing local leaders to cut vital services. The Administration squandered a $2.3 billion rainy day fund built up during decades of past administrations. This is not the right way to lead a state through a fiscal crisis. I know what it takes to lead a successful turnaround.

1st Middlesex House – Sheila Harrington (R)

As a small business owner myself, I know firsthand the challenges business owners face. For retailers, doing business in Massachusetts is hard enough, without the added problem of living so close to ‘tax-free’ New Hampshire. I will fight to roll back the Sales Tax increase which has hurt small businesses and consumers. I will work to encourage business investment with a predictable, consistent and easily workable tax policy. New business investment will result in more jobs. I support a two-year budget cycle to help Massachusetts, and our District, establish clear spending and revenue requirements. We can no longer afford the old “tax and spend” mentality.


Middlesex/Worcester Senate – Jamie Eldridge (D)

37th Middlesex House – Jennifer Benson (D)

Though we disagree with the one-party system currently at work in Massachusetts, we see no challengers to these dedicated incumbents worthy of votes against them.

Ballot Q 3 – Sales Tax Rollback – Vote “Yes”

Some politicians are scared of getting a real read on the electorate. Others embrace and respect it.

We hope that not only does ballot question 3 pass, but that an effective state auditor can help liposuck the fat out of state government.

Oh, if only it were so easy. The reality is that, while cities and towns fear its passage, any such rollback would surely be followed by immediate legislative action to boost the sales tax to the prior 5-percent if not fully back to the full 6.25-percent foisted upon the Baystate this time last year.

But send the message, for whatever its worth.