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GROTON — Imagine the following scenario: Peter, who just finished throwing salt down on the walkway to the front door, was greeted by his wife who announced that the power was out. “It’ll go right back on,” said Pete, but his wife, Diane, wasn’t so sure. After a powerless hour, Pete got up and headed for the garage. He wheeled out the generator and started it up. He ran the wires and, behold, power was restored to some of the home’s electric circuits.

Diane decided to plug her computer into one of the working electrical outlets to see if she could get news about how widespread the power outage was. Seconds later, her computer crashed but the lamp, plugged into the same outlet, was still on. Days later, after power was restored to the neighborhood, Diane found out that their generator was at fault for the death of her laptop.

Generator use will be the subject of Groton Local Energy Group’s next education seminar on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m., Nashua River Watershed Association (, 592 Main St. (Rte. 119) in Groton. Kevin Kelly, manager of Groton Electric Light Department (, will address safety and planning aspects of generator use. Joining him will be Scott Martin, owner of Martin Computing, a small business and IT consulting company ( Scott is also involved in solar thermal and photovoltaic design and installations and will address different types of generators on the market, their advantages and disadvantages.

Numerous high tech household items can be ruined by use of the wrong generator. Join us for an informative evening. Admission is free and wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions contact Jim at 978-302-5611 or

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