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Beacon Hill has ruined Massachusetts. They are taxing and spending us into the poor house. Massachusetts has a $3 billion deficit due to reckless spending.

Our taxes have gone up, and all we have to show for it is record-high unemployment. On Nov,. 2 we, the taxpayers, have an opportunity to fix the problems that Beacon Hill created. We can start by replacing incumbent state Sen. Jaime Eldridge with George Thompson.

Mr. Eldridge has voted for every tax increase that has come before him, and voted against every tax cut that has come before him. Our incumbent state senator has teamed up with Gov. Patrick and state Rep. Benson to raise taxes in our state eight times, including raising the sales tax from 5 to 6.25 percent.

Higher taxes hurt working families, businesses and kill jobs. Mr. Eldridge does not stop there; he also openly favors raising the gas tax and your income tax. There is no limit to how much of your money our incumbent state senator is willing to take.

After he takes our money what does he do with it? Spend, spend and spend. He and his Beacon Hill cronies have spent us into a $3 billion deficit. Mr. Eldridge would rather spend our money on in-state tuition for illegal aliens and housing for Aunt Zeituni than let you, the taxpayer, keep your-hard earned money. He has consistently defies the will of the voters on rolling back the income tax to 5 percent.

You can change this pattern of fraud, waste and abuse by voting for George Thompson for state Senate. George believes state government must live within its means. He is committed to restraining government spending, acting responsibly with our money and promoting a business- friendly environment that will create jobs.

George fully supports rolling back every tax increase our incumbent state senator and governor voted for. He believes the income tax should be 5 percent because that is what the people voted for. George will bring common sense back to Beacon Hill that will benefit all of us.

If you believe as Mr. Guercio that higher taxes and massive deficits are “good government,” then you should vote for our incumbent state senator. If you want responsible government with lower taxes and zero deficit, then the clear choice is George Thompson.

On Nov. 2, send Beacon Hill a message that you are not going to take it anymore. Vote George Thompson for state Senate, “a senator for all of us.”



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