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PEPPERELL — Local author Sean Patrick Reardon on Sept. 13 announced the recent release of his debut novel titled Mindjacker. Inspired by a love of Irish crime thrillers and what Reardon says is a lack of interesting books for “40-something” men, he takes readers on a thrill ride across the country from Los Angeles to New York to Boston and New Hampshire in this tale of gangsters, thievery, technology, and mind manipulation.

When wealthy Russian mobsters contract L.A. psychologist Joel Fischer to develop a device to manipulate minds, the DreemWeever exceeds all expectations. Everything is on track for delivery and a big payday, until two adventurous stoners steal his Dodge Challenger that, unknown to them, contains the DreemWeever in its trunk. Fischer and his crew have two days to get it back or he dies.

Early memories of reading with his grandmother while visiting in East Boston, and listening to E.G. Marshall’s CBS Mystery Radio as a boy laid the groundwork for Reardon’s passion of reading that eventually developed into writing.

“Since I was a child, reading has taken me to foreign lands, exposed me to different cultures, and introduced me to all sorts of interesting characters, but I always felt a yearning to drive the plot and develop characters,” commented Reardon. “After writing a number of short stories, I decided to take the plunge and craft a full length novel.”

Reardon began writing Mindjacker in 2007 and took a few hiatuses, but always came back to the writing. In fact, Reardon wrote much of the book while on planes, in traffic and in the hockey rink during his son’s practices. “Once I created the main idea behind Mindjacker, I just kept expanding on it and tried to link the ideas together. There were many nights after a writing session when I would lie in bed, trying to come up with ideas or solutions to what I had written or was going to write next.”

Locally, Reardon is best known for his love of sports and involvement in and around the local sports scene. An avid player and enthusiast of cricket, lacrosse and all things Irish (Yes, even Notre Dame made its way into Mindjacker); he has plans to venture into the very Irish sport of hurling. Reardon was recently appointed president of North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse Association. As a coach he is an inspiration to his players and hopes the novel — while not age-appropriate for young readers — will spur a desire to read and write creatively.

“I’ve always had a great imagination and sense of adventure, and in some ways I think children today are really missing out on this because there so many distractions.

“I’m a big proponent of reading and creative writing and I hope that my example touches even one child to pick up a pen and start writing,” he said.

As a result of his penchant for Irish crime novels, acclaimed Irish author Declan Burke posted a Q&A with Reardon on his blog Crime Always Pays. When asked to describe his writing style, Reardon summed it up best: “…my work contains straightforward prose, action, intriguing plot twists, an entertaining criminal element, rock ‘n’ roll, violence, realistic dialogue and gritty characters.”

Reardon is already working on his next novel, tentatively titled Sissy Murphy; a crime thriller, of course, set in Massachusetts and Ireland.

Mindjacker is available in print and e-book for Kindle on Amazon; in e-book for Nook format at Barnes & Noble; and e-book for iPad, iTouch, iPhone format in the Apple iBookstore. The book has received positive reviews including:

Smashwords (starred review) — “Think Koontz’s Night Chills and The Key to Midnight and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for when reading Mindjacker. The author has come up with a great antagonist in Dr. Joel Fischer, who’s both a psychologist, and a sociopath.”

Barnes & Noble (starred review) — “A taut, fast-paced thriller that kept me reading until the end.”

Barnes & Noble (starred review) — “Mindjacker was the kind of crime thriller I enjoy, one that reads like a movie. Fast pacing, plot twists, and excellent dialogue made this an enjoyable read that I finished in two sessions. I highly recommend Mindjacker as worthwhile and entertaining, especially for adults aged 25 to 50, who will really enjoy the settings, dialogue, and rock-n-roll references.”

About the Author

Sean Patrick Reardon was raised in Billerica, Massachusetts and resides in Pepperell with his wife and two children. He’s usually reading at least one novel on any given day, loves coaching and playing lacrosse, following cricket, and listening to rock ‘n’ roll. When not in front of his keyboard at work on his latest crime thriller, Reardon is a contact center engineer with Putnam Investments in Andover.

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