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DEVENS — With a “Zumba” warm-up under blue skies preceding the first FMC Devens Employees’ Club 5K Fitness Walk/Run, runners on Saturday were ready to hit the road as they took off on the race course set up through the grounds of Devens.

FMC Devens is a Federal Medical Center and is one of more than 100 institutions in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Mike Buckley, a correctional officer at FMC Devens and an Employees’ Club Board Member, organized the event and was very excited about the great turn-out.

With 213 participants, the day’s immediate success is attributable to the advertising Mike did and the support he received from local businesses.

FMC Devens is an administrative facility housing male offenders requiring specialized or long-term medical or mental health care. The institution is one of only six medical centers in the system, so the facility receives a large number of referrals from other Bureau of Prisons Institutions.

FMC Devens has a staff of more than 400. The FMC Devens Employees’ Club 5K race provided a great opportunity to meet the community. There were several individuals and companies who participated in the event, including:

Brian Richard, a local musician from Leominster; Ramon Salomon of Ramon’s Gym, who provided the warm-up; First Time Out, the Timing Company; Wachusett Brewing Company, who contributed the beautiful banner and mile marker signs, as well as the beverages; Nutralite, Torch, Isotonix, Cedar’s Hummus, and Muscle Milk, who all provided health & nutritional information as well as samples of their products; Polar Beverages who donated water; Cains, who brought all natural salad dressing; Paisano’s of Leominster, with food vitamin water; Wheaties Cereal; Officer Paul Clifford & Seaboard beverage products, and Officer Ken Guilmette, who contributed Solo Plasticware.

The winners of Saturday’s race were:


1. Perkins-Banas, Melissa W39, Danielson, Conn., 19:40.1

2. Welch, Rebekah, W34, Chelmsford,19:55.7

3. Aresco, Toni, W40, Pelham N.H., 22:02.7


1. Reilly, Paul, M31, Northbridge, 15:12.8

2. Mutinda, Thus, M45, Lowell, 16:06.3

3. Allen, Brian, M38, Fitchburg, 16:54.9 (Allen is an employee at FMC Devens.)

A festive post-party included Wachusett Ales, a barbecue and live entertainment. With a special ‘thank you’ for the support and assistance of the Devens Department of Public Works, the Massachusetts State Police, and the FMC Devens volunteers who donated their time and made this event possible, there is good reason to plan for a 2nd-annual FMC Devens Employees’ Club 5K Race next year!

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