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Our offices are receiving a lot of phone calls and e-mails about the upcoming election.

Most of the folks reaching out want change, but they’re not sure where to get it. And many are feeling desperate.

Sentiments about both Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill lay significant blame at the feet of Democrats. But recollections of Republican control don’t bring memories of sweetness and light flooding back.

If the so-called Tea Party accomplishes anything, it will be to let politicians know that a very large number of voters are looking at a third party. While such a move would not be easy, it’s not impossible.

Politicians need to recall just who they represent. They need to forget about “pork” spending to buy votes. We’re not biting. And they need to stop fattening their own wallets at taxpayer expense. Give yourselves the same thing you’re giving our seniors on Social Security next year. Zero.

Politicians need to resolve issues they’re avoiding: the deficit, illegal immigration, protecting our borders, really creating jobs, and not just green ones, welfare fraud, medicare abuse, and they need to come up with a clear and long-term plan for Afghanistan and Iraq. And do your planning with military men and women, not bureaucrats. Our military continues to sacrifice and die while there are strong suggestions that Iran may be the benefactor of our takeover of Iraq and Afghanistan will return to terrorist control as soon as we leave. What? Is that what we’re fighting and dying for?

There is so much to threaten America’s well-being, but there is little confidence that our elected officials know what to do about it.

Message to our elected leaders:

To use an old Navy term — Shape up, or ship out.

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