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As for candidate, I’m voting for Sheila Harrington


Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for the candidacy of Sheila Harrington for 1st Middlesex District state representative. I have given the idea long and careful thought and even though I ran as a Democrat I find myself unable to support Democratic candidate Jesse Reich for two main reasons.

1. Mr. Reich supports radical illegal immigrant legislation including in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants. His stunning comments and position were broadcast on the Townsend Public Access Channel coverage of a “Candidates Forum” Sept. 2 at Townsend’s Great Hall. We as a nation can not descend into the anarchy of each citizen choosing which laws we feel like obeying.

2. Mr. Reich has lived in the 1st Middlesex District only about three years, but I believe to truly understand and represent more than 40,000 people and five towns in all our complexity and diversity takes considerably longer than that.

I find it possible and desirable to support Ms. Harrington’s candidacy for many reasons, the foremost of which are: her integrity, her forthright character and her focus on objectives and positive outcomes. To a former combat Marine, these qualities are essential for any leadership position but particularly in government, where they are indeed rare. She supports our military and veterans unreservedly. She supports and respects our laws and does not pick and choose which ones she will support. We need lawmakers who believe it’s important to obey the laws of the land. I urge those who supported me in the primary as well as unenrolled voters and moderate Democrats to consider supporting Ms. Harrington in the general election on Nov. 2. I will be voting for her and wish her success.

TONY SABOLIAUSKAS, former Democratic candidate for representative for 1st Middlesex District

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