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On April 4, 2010 I excitedly walked into Sheila Harrington’s office ready to start my first day on site with the Groton-Dunstable Internship Program. I was immediately accepted as a member of the team and given various tasks to complete for her campaign. Little did I know I would learn to love the job and be hired afterwards to continue working through the summer.

Sheila C. Harrington is a person of impeccable integrity who will do anything for her clients, constituents, staff, friends and family. While working on her campaign, Sheila taught me many leadership qualities, explained many issues facing our district and allowed me to see firsthand the intensity of politics.

Sheila has many skills and qualities that will make her an effective leader. Sheila has always put her leadership skills to good work by serving on many local boards such as The Lowell Wish Project, Groton Center for the Arts, Deaconess Nashoba Hospital, The Groton Road Race and many more. She has always been a team player and never disregarded or complained about the work she signed up for. Sheila is a negotiator and trained mediator, both necessary skills to be an effective state representative. Sheila will never shy away from fighting for what she believes in, nor will she back away from agreeing with anyone who proposes legislation that she believes will help the First Middlesex District.

Sheila’s main priorities as state representative will be to bring back jobs, improve the economy and lower taxes. She is a fiscal conservative who will work collaboratively and creatively in the Statehouse to bring back jobs to our area. Sheila knows that there are many issues that need to be resolved in order for jobs to come back to our area. She does not naively believe that by fixing one thing the economy will be cured.

While working on the campaign I realized how intense the political world is. I take a lot of pride in saying that both Sheila and her campaign never released a negative statement about any of her opponents. Sheila Harrington will only run a positive, issue-based campaign. It has been stated many times that Sheila lacks political experience. This is true. Sheila is not a politician. Now more than ever, our Statehouse needs leaders who will fix what the experienced politicians have done to our state. Sheila is and always will be a devoted public servant, never a self-serving politician.

We have the unique opportunity to elect someone who truly cares about us, our state, and our district. Sheila Harrington will fight tirelessly to bring back jobs, end reckless spending and lower taxes. Please join me in voting in the Republican Primary on Sept. 14 for Sheila C. Harrington, a leader who truly cares.