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It is hard to see the negativity and personal attacks that politics brings out in a candidate’s opponents and I simply could not remain silent. I feel compelled to speak up in support of Connie Sullivan and his outstanding integrity, honesty and personal character.

How do I know Connie?

I first knew him 30 years ago as a fun-loving but serious and talented law-school student who was dating and later married someone I am very close to. I have seen him for 25 years show a remarkable degree of love and support as a husband to that same someone.

He is a loving and deeply involved father of a 12-year-old boy who is very important to me. He is a much-loved and admired uncle to two very special children in my life. He is a caring and supportive son-in-law to a special woman in my life who is now very old and frail but who has a Connie Sullivan for state representative sign in her nursing home room.

He is a loyal and hardworking business partner of the man who is at the center of my family.

He is a caring and concerned older brother to eight brothers and sisters. He was a devoted son to his late mother and is a loving son who would make any father proud.

On top of all this, Connie has devoted years of his life to local public service for one reason only — his genuine desire to try to make the lives of others better. That’s also why he’s running for state representative. He has no ax to grind and no special interest other than the people he seeks to represent.

Who is Cornelius Francis Sullivan to me?

He is my twin sister’s husband and a very caring and funny brother-in-law; he is beloved “Uncle Collie” to my two children; he is the outstanding law partner of my husband; and, he is a good and true family man.

I hope residents of our five towns will remember this Sept. 14 when they vote. Thank you.