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AYER — Interested in the local music scene? Well then there’s an open mike night in Ayer to suit your desires. It takes place the second Wednesday of each month at Billiards Café on Main Street.

Open Mike Night took off earlier this summer and it’s aimed at bringing out all singers to meet, mingle and mix melodies.

“My band starts the whole show off. The only positives that I know are going to be there every week are my band,” said Chuck King, drummer of “Never 2 Late,” a three-man classic rock and blues band out of Ayer. King is also president of the Downtown Business Alliance and owner of Fresh Ayer Sports on Park Street. Rounding out King’s band is Jake Fletcher of Shirley on bass guitar and Aaron Arsenault of Townsend on lead guitar.

“Bring a whole band down, be a single act or you can join us on stage. It doesn’t matter,” invites King.

“There’s a ton of musicians in the Nashoba Valley area. There’s a lot of musicians here in Ayer that people don’t even know about. What I wanted to do is create an atmosphere where you could be a beginner, Intermediate, or professional and just come in and have a good time. It’s all about having a good time,” said King.

“They can drop in or I’ve been fielding calls for three-four days to sign up early to make sure they have a spot. It’s becoming so popular so quick that it’s phenomenal. It’s grown probably 400 percent since the first month,” said King of the June launch for the monthly open mike night.

For the less melodically inclined, there’s no cover charge to come down and soak up the atmosphere from the audience. Or perhaps size up a local band for your own needs.

“We’re trying to get spectators to just drop in. If anybody’s having a party or want music, these people are being showcased so you can talk to them about doing a show for you,” said King. The Randy White Band was there in July, for example. For the August show, the White Collar Criminals and other bands hit the stage, along with other professionals, semiprofessionals and amateur singing talent.

The fan base has grown through word of mouth, King said, along with the performers showing.

“I met a couple of young girls at the Guitar Center in Nashua. They came down. It was just an acoustic thing and a friend of theirs sings. No drums. They have two acoustic guitars and a singer and they were great. We have a whole array of things. People are loving it. People are looking for live entertainment,” said King.

King said he used to perform at the monthly open mike night at the Gypsy Café in Pepperell, “so I started it here just to give people a place to play.”

The venue is the Billiards Café Hall, 39 Main St. in Ayer on the second Wednesday of each month starting at 7 p.m. and playing until at least 10 p.m.

There’s no cover charge. Bring your own equipment if you’re going to play. King is the master of ceremonies for the monthly event and so anyone with questions can contact him at 617-592-2525.

“I want to invite the general public from all areas to come down and check it out to hear some really good music. Acoustic, soloists, I’ve got bands and artists that just come up on stage and we just rock out. It’s awesome,” said King.