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Car sickness is the feeling you get when the monthly payment is due. ~ Unknown

Telling information can be gleaned from a Boston Globe online chart titled “Snapshot: Age of vehicles in Massachusetts, 2008.”

Using 2008 data, the Globe ranked all cities and towns according to how often, on average, its residents replace their vehicles. The statewide average is to replace one’s vehicle once every 10 years.

Ayer placed ninth (in the upper 2.5 percent on vehicle retention). Ayer folks flip their cars every 13.2 years. It’s way out of line with other local towns. Shirley holds onto its cars for 10.2 years and charts at 141. Pepperell is 168, Townsend is 174, Harvard is 239 and Groton (which holds onto cars for 9.2 years on average) is 269 on the list.

Noteworthy, too, is what communities rounded out the top 10.

We’d expect Lawrence (3) and Springfield (4) to hold onto their cars for 13.7 and 13.5 years respectively in urban settings. The remaining seven towns in the top 10 are swanky, seasonal island communities like Aquinnah (No. 1 with an average vehicle retention period of 14.4 years), Nantucket (2), Edgartown (5), Oak Bluffs (6), West Tisbury (7), Chilmark (8), and Tisbury (10).

So what? Indeed, it might mean nothing. But Ayer is deeper suburbia with likely longer daily commute times and hence more mileage accrued on the odometer. And so the Ayer data called to us.

If you are what you drive, is Ayer super conservative? Our guess is yes.

Don’t forget to check your oil.

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